Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Legal Journey of Matt Palentchar

Matthew Palentchar
When Matthew Palentchar was growing up in Colonia, NJ and playing sports, it’s likely that he didn’t envision himself as a prominent Florida lawyer, but there he is. He now has more than a dozen years’ experience in the law. Matt’s current firm features a far more specific focus on real estate transactions and property law than his other legal practice exploits in the past. Over the course of a dozen years, he has ably represented hundreds of lenders, purchasers and sellers in complex commercial transactions.

That said, however, Matt Palentchar doesn’t pawn off his other duties on others. He continues to do the smaller, more run-of-the-mill real estate work that is a critical part of the process. That means he performs tasks such as title searches, title exams, and issuing title insurance for residential and commercial closings and he can do it all better than most other attorneys, which gives him an edge. Matt Palentchar is still a member in good standing of the Florida Bar, and he spends what little personal time he has as a volunteer for CASA, where he serves as a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litum for disadvantaged children.